Best Places In The World To Go Camping

More and more people who would love to live in nature, surrounded by wildlife, and enjoy the best landscapes of our planet, I have decided to create a list of best places in the world to go camping.

The Best Mountains for camping

The mountains stand out as a popular destination for all campers, not only for the numerous benefits that hiking or camping in them provides, but also to feel one with nature and have a good time.

There is a large range of mountains where you may fully enjoy the beauty of our planet while roasting a couple of marshmallows and sharing them with your family or friends, so here I show you what I think to be the best mountains to go camping in.

1. Cordillera Blanca, Ancash Peru

The Cordillera Blanca is a mountain range in Peru’s Ancash province that is part of the Latin American Andes.

Undoubtedly a paradisiacal location where you will have a joyful and unique experience, you may engage in a range of activities such as tours or excursions to archaeological sites, to observe wildlife, the snow-capped mountains, or even to see the Pacific Ocean on cloudy days.

2. Yosemite National Park, California, United States

Another national park having mountains for camping is Yosemite National Park, which is located in California’s iconic Sierra Nevada mountain range. If you reside in or go to California and enjoy camping, you should not pass up the opportunity to spend a few days in this paradise. Yosemite National Park has a number of routes and places where you can camp or park your RV at a reasonable price.

If you are going to camp, it is best if you carry your own food for the days that you will be camping, but if this is not the case, do not worry because there are various restaurants where you can eat, but it will obviously be more expensive.

Remember to bring your cameras because you will be able to capture images of fantasy vistas!

3. Max Patch, North Carolina, United States

The Max Patch Mountains in North Carolina, US, are a great area to spend a weekend picnicking or camping with the family.

Taking a walk along this path is one of the favorite activities of the locals, and it is not for nothing, but the flora that this site has gives it a very cozy atmosphere tone along with the beautiful sunsets that only happen in this place.

Best Places to Camp in The Woods

Despite the fact that forests are typically locations that are rarely visited by humans owing to the potential hazards that dwell there, there is a wide range of national parks and forests where you may camp without difficulty and have a wonderful time.

As I already said, there are many places where you can camp in the forest, so here is a list of forests that provide the best sceneries for camping and where you will be able to shoot the best photos.

1. Boreal Forests of Canada

These forests are more than just places to camp; they are places that you must visit at least once in your life if you want to experience a beautiful moment.

Camping in boreal forest

What exactly are the Northern Lights? Well, the boreal forests of Canada are the best place in America to see them; if you go between the months of October and March, you will have the opportunity to witness this impressive spectacle that nature has to offer, and you can also do a variety of other activities to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Swimming, hiking, kayaking, and fishing are just a few of the things available, and if you’ve always wanted to appreciate the stunning environment that the Northern Lights provide, now is your chance.

2. Sequoia National Forest, California, United States

When you see the genuineness of this forest, you will be speechless; taking your family or friends and camping in this location is something you will want to do more than once in your life.

This forest or national park of the sequoias gets its name from the huge trees of the same name that reside there. In this forest, you can go hiking and climbing, or snap a picture with the 83-meter-tall “General Sherman.”

You can engage in a variety of other activities, but what this forest most notably provides is a truly pleasant wild environment in which to relax and learn about the need of environmental preservation.

3. Brocéliande Forest, Brittany France

Do you want to go on an unforgettable experience where your imagination meets reality? The Brocéliande woodland, often known as the Merlin forest, is a good location for this.

If you’ve ever heard the renowned King Arthur narrative, let me tell you that this is the area where all these stories come to life. Immerse yourself in a mysterious world learning about the legends of Brittany, where fairy tales, wizards, castles, and enchanted woodlands are commonplace.

There is no doubt that it is a magical area where you may have a camping experience full of fantasy and history while also enjoying the natural beauty of this French woodland.

If you enjoy swimming in rivers, lagoons, or fishing, camping in a river is usually a terrific alternative for an amazing camping experience. In fact, campers like to be near the sea and are swept away by the serenity that characterizes these locations.

Best Places In The World To Go Camping

Best Places to Camp Beside Rivers or Lakes

1. Big Allo Lake, Tajikistan

We moved to Central Asia to make a fantastic camping in the river where you can have a really pleasant trip, the Big Allo lake in Tajikistan is one of the most beautiful rivers to camp, with breathtaking landscapes and numerous spots to take good shots.

Setting up camp in this lake is a really wonderful activity; although it involves some physical work due to the long distances required, settling in this spot will engulf you in a very calm environment surrounded by majestic peaks, rocks, and the beautiful color of the water.

2. Lake Biwa, Kyoto Japan

If you want to go on a nice camping vacation, you can’t go wrong with traveling to Japan and being swept away by the peace and beauty of Lake Biwa in Kyoto.

With a warm and welcoming climate, you can engage in a variety of activities with your family to make the occasion more enjoyable. Kayaking, swimming, and SUP are popular sports for visitors to Lake Biwako.

Here you may locate many freshwater beaches that are popular with residents and choose one to camp on.

3. Quilotoa Lagoon, Ecuador

The Quilotoa lagoon is actually a volcanic crater that is also part of the Andes mountain range; climbing requires some physical work due to its height, but the vista is well worth it.

I must warn you that if you go to this place, you will fall in love; the incredible landscape that you can see from the top is something incomparable; it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never forget; and as you descend to set up camp, you feel as if the wonderful climate of the place takes hold of you.

Because of the low light pollution, you will be able to see the stars in the sky without difficulty at night. Because of the frigid temperature, I also urge that you carry adequate clothing to keep warm.

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