5 Tips For Conveniently Packing Your Toiletry Bag – Quick And Easy

Is your toiletries bag ever so disorganized? There are huge toiletry bags where you don’t have to worry about what you put in them, as well as little toiletry bags that can only be used with mini packs. But no matter what kind of toiletries bag you have, if everything falls out, you’re not happy. A little organization can save you a lot of swearing and shower time. These packing ideas for your toiletries bag can make your vacation or trip a little bit easier. Conveniently packing your toiletry bag is essential!

1. Use a travel toiletry bag

There are fans and haters of travel toiletry bags, but I am a fan. The main benefit of a travel toiletries bag is that it causes you to think about what to carry. This means you won’t have to carry as much with you. Another advantage is that everything has its own location, allowing you to keep track of everything. There are huge compartment travel toiletry bags, toiletry bags with fixed compartments, including toiletry packs for lightweight campers or backpackers.

2. Use shaving oil

Shaving oil is the ​solution. Shaving cream or gel often comes in big spray cans but you don’t have to. These small jars of shaving oil will last forever because you only need one drop to shave an entire beard. Saving space in your toiletry bag.

3. Give everything a fixed place in your toiletry bag

Consider carefully how you want your toiletry bag to be organized. Just take a seat and think about it. Arrange all of your toiletries in front of you. The puzzle then begins. What is logical, what do you use frequently and should be available, and what can be put in the bottom compartment? Give everything a permanent place so you never have to look for it. This works especially nicely with travel toiletry bags. Once you’ve got everything in order, you’re good to go.

5 Tips For Conveniently Packing Your Toiletry Bag

4. Buy everything double

It may sound a bit excessive and wasteful but if you have two of all your toiletries your life really becomes a lot easier. So don’t bring stuff from home but have a special set of toiletries for your toiletry bag. This way, packing your toiletry bag is just a matter of grabbing it from the closet and going.

5. Don’t put your toiletry bag on top of your luggage

You often see campers putting toiletry bags loose on top of the camping gear in the car or the back seat. Don’t do that! When packing the car this way, they become projectiles the moment you have to brake unexpectedly.


With these tips, you can travel with your toiletries bag without it being chaos or that you have to search for half an hour in the shower for the cream rinse. Especially if you’re only allowed to shower for 5 minutes at the campsite, that makes a difference.

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